April 8th, 2013

I was going to write a special post a month before Mother’s Day and put it up today. I marked my calendar. Collected info. Jotted down some ideas. But I’ve decided I can’t. Or rather, I won’t. Looking at the matter closely, I see that it’s one more thing I don’t really need to do.

Here’s the deal: I spend way too much time troubling with what comes next. Thinking ahead. Hatching a scheme. Nagging, pushing, poking. Trying to produce something, make a difference, get a result.

I was going to ask you to buy my books. And say nice things about them on Amazon or Goodreads. Recommend them to friends. Come to a retreat. Do something for me. But I’d like to take a little break from that. My special post is this post instead.

I’ve noticed that most of my problems—my conflicts and disappointments—are because I’m trying to get somebody to do something I want. Only rarely do I realize that I don’t have to do that. Because everything truly wonderful (except most clean laundry and occasional meals) appears before me ready made.

Like this.


Custom Bird’s Nest Talisman Necklace by Wendy Cook

Something truly wonderful, ready made for you to give to any mother, sister, or friend for Mother’s Day. The perfect reminder that the eggs always hatch when they are ready.



  1. What a lovely surprise. Thank you, Maezen. xoxo

    Comment by wendy — April 9, 2013 @ 6:44 am

  2. I am the lucky recipient of one of Wendy’s creations – It was a mothers day present for me last year and I love it – Thanks Wendy!! And thank Karen for the reminder that letting the little bird come out of the egg when it’s ready, not when I want it to, is the best course.

    Comment by Naima — April 9, 2013 @ 6:56 am

  3. Me to: most of my problems and frustrations arise from trying to control events and people around me. Thanks for the reminder.
    Happily most of the important jobs, like laundry and food preparation, appear before me at the perfect time to be done. If I haven’t got the message, my daughters (best teachers in my sangha) don’t hesitate to tell me 🙂
    Take care and thanks again,

    Comment by Paul Brennan — April 10, 2013 @ 4:00 am

  4. I have a CD of Byron Katie the topic is God.
    One of the things on it that has taught me the most is the story of the Rose.
    “Look at this rose, beautiful. However maybe not quite open enough. Like this one. And I might become angry, or upset, OPEN!!! And then the following morning the Rose is open. And I did it. But now the rose isn’t thankful enough. Etc.”
    Earlier this spring I realised my childeren will be OK, they might not choose what I would like for them, but still they will be just fine. Everything else is just my imagination. They will flower like the rose in their own way, it is their nature to do so.
    “The most important decision a person has to make is whether he lives in a kind universe or not.” Albert Einstein
    P.S. quotes are from my memory so they might not be exactly the same but the meaning is the same (I hate it when people are sloppy with these things, but I need to walk the dog and cook).

    Comment by Simone — April 10, 2013 @ 8:08 am

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