Note to self: nevermind

July 16th, 2009

There must be something in the connotation of the word “being” that makes it seem like the opposite of “doing.” I say that because I’m sometimes asked how, as an avowed meditator, I ever get things done. Perhaps they picture me curled up in a corner.

A regular meditation practice is the last thing that prevents me from totally engaging in activity. It helps me do more even as I think about it less. Hidden in the question is how preoccupied we are with to-doing rather than doing. To-doing or should-be-doing takes up quite a bit of time. It could well be the principal occupation of our lives: imagining scenarios, planning strategies, fretting outcomes, second-guessing choices and then sticking the whole rigamarole back into the familiar rut that’s so hard to get out of.

Emptying the mind of that kind of doing opens it up to a spontaneous and creative undoing that is quite marvelous and, I dare say, breathtaking.

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  1. nice post. i had a moment tonight where i was shocked out of my comfortable, typical thought reel.
    even though i developed hives, i think i needed it. i am not certain how it relates to what you have posted, but i feel on some level it does.

    Comment by Bridge — July 17, 2009 @ 4:44 am

  2. Wow. You nailed it.

    Comment by Allison — July 22, 2009 @ 5:15 am

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