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Me talk pretty one day

March 4th, 2009    -    8 Comments

A little feedback:

Mojo Mom Amy Tiemann is the wind at my back today. Click on her Quote of the Day before midnight tonight to see how she is counting down the days to the debut of the new edition of her book, which I can’t wait to read. Without expectation, maybe?

Over at A Room of Mama’s Own, everyone’s favorite pseudonym MPJ finally took a leap and overcame her dread of a dusty old book. Everyone, go cheer her on until she crash lands at a happy ending!

And good grief, the folks at Mutual of Omaha snagged some of my aha moments for the launch of their new feel good ad campaign. Find Cheerio Road on the lower right, bringing up the bottom. I especially like their timing, because we all know by now that the aha in the insurance industry isn’t me, it’s them.

Edited to add: Oops! Time’s up. My moment in Omaha is over. They ripped me off their website because they don’t like my sense of humor. And I don’t like their sense of theft. The ahas just keep on coming, don’t they? That’s okay. The only readers who were clicking through were, naturally, in Omaha.

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