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  1. Shawn
    May 9, 2012

    I pretty much mother myself each day because I lack having a mother in my life in the way that I so desperately need. So I write. A lot. Including a Love Letter to Mothers Everywhere on my blog right now. I light candles. Meditate. Walk but not as much as I should … and yet I do struggle with taking time away from my kids. Perhaps because of my first sentence. Where’s the couch? lol

  2. Nichole
    May 9, 2012

    Infinite gratitude for you, and the world you opened my eyes to. Love love love.

  3. Daisy Marshall
    May 9, 2012

    I finished Hand Wash Cold a few minutes ago, I purposely delayed the pleasure, I could have read it in one sitting. I ordered the book frrom Amazon because of the comment one of the reviewers wrote, her last name is Quesada and she also wrote a book about Zen in the classroom. My comment to hers was that I was the mother of small children long long ago and I wished that such books as yours and hers had been written then. Now in my seventh decade and crawling towards retirement I’m finally learning how it is that one mothers oneself. Thank you for the gift of your book which I hope to read many more times Karen. It is my gift to myself on this mother’s day and there’s two more copies on their way to my girls. I look forward to this blog with an open and grateful heart. Daisy.

  4. Marcea Pugliese
    May 10, 2012

    Oh Karen…I love this post…Thank you!

  5. Diamond Cambareri
    May 10, 2012

    Thank you, as a mother to my two nieces for the last nine years and a mother to my 18 month old daughter I have my doubts along the way. But I ask myself ” what would Marcea do” because my mom has been one hell of a mom all these years. And when I am truly in doubt I just ask her and she reminds me that the dirty house will be there tomorrow, the laundry can be done on Tuesday, that I don’t have to do everything all the time. And then there are YOUR words. Thanks to both of you!

  6. GailNHB
    May 10, 2012

    Thank you, Karen, for this gentle wisdom.

    I just came in from having a glass of wine and an appetizer at a local wine bar, all by my self. And I loved it. Watching people make conversation, smile at each other, and pay attention to others. I sat there and paid attention to myself, to my quiet, happy, contented self. That’s how I mothered myself tonight.

    But I’ve still got lots of reflecting to do on that lovely list of questions you wrote.

    Happy Everyday to you!!!

  7. Richard DeWald
    March 11, 2013

    Deep bow. Very touching. Thanks for sharing your gift, again.

  8. Daisy Marshall
    March 13, 2013

    So glad to get this, almost a year since last May when I read your book. There is no doubt all of us “need” to be mothered, and “always” will. On Memorial Day, shortly after I wrote my comment, I fell and fractured the fifth metatharsal bone on my left foot, so I sat home a good while and had to practice that mothering big time! As a consequence my left foot received what was obviously too much pressure and I am still limping to this day after much care (more mothering) and therapy. One little fall, life is never the same!I’m going to read your book again Karen, I told you I would many times. It was time for me to get this e mail and I look forward to the second reading. I notice Katrina Kennison’s name on your list, I recently read her last book with delight. Now Im reading Margaret Roache’s Backyard Parables, I am no gardener but her blog feeds the soil of my soul. I am so glad I am on your list. I thank you and I thank you. Daisy Marshall

  9. Ali
    March 14, 2013

    This was exactly what I needed. My primal self was desperate for mothering, but I am too old to run to another adult for that. With these guidelines I can be consciously aware of this very basic need within myself, and fill it on my own.
    Thank you!!!

  10. Lazia
    May 13, 2013


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